The Bridge Project

S02 E03 Part 1: Re-Thinking Local Governance

May 14, 2021 thebridgeproject
The Bridge Project
S02 E03 Part 1: Re-Thinking Local Governance
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Podcast Series on 'Taking SDGs to the Last Mile' in collaboration with Centre for Climate Studies, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Episode 3, Part 1: Re-Thinking Local Governance

A rich diversity. Varied landscapes. An indomitable human spirit. Most of all, a simple yet complex idea. This is the India we know of. But how is the governance of this remarkably complex country having a population of 1.3 billion people organised? To be sure, India’s governance systems are every bit as sweeping as the country itself. The administrative levels are constituted by the Central government, State govts and local level governance. This third layer of complexity – the local level - consisting of the urban local bodies and municipalities – is the focus of this podcast.

This podcast features Dr. Anjali K. Mohan an urban and regional planner by profession with a PhD in urban e-governance from International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Dr. Anjali helps us understand & explore the various challenges encountered by city governance & the solutions that can be leveraged to better govern these units. We find out how ICT & digital governance solutions are only as good as your city & local urban administrations.


1. Message from Wu Hongbo for the 2016 UN E-Government Survey, UN DESA
2. Prime Minister Modi's speech at the Economic Times Global Business Summit 2016
3. Seminar Series on ‘The ‘Southern Tilt’ in the urban’
4. Shillong Declaration on E-Governance (2019)

The Bridge Project (2021), "Taking SDGs to the Last Mile: Re-Thinking Local Governance ", 17 May, 2021, URL:

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Carl Jaison (Voice-over & Research), Prarthana Puthran (Research)

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Inspired by Kevin MacLeod

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SDG & Sustainable Cities
Role of Private Sector
Solution for Better Urban Local Governance
Initiatives for Efficient Urban Cities in Global South
Use of Dashboards for Data-Driven Decision-Making