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The Bridge Project


Co-founded by alumni from IIT Delhi, St. Stephen’s College and South Asian University, The Bridge Project is an initiative set up by recent graduates to address the divide between academia and policy-making in the field of International Relations and Indian Foreign Policy. The objective is to ‘bridge the gap’ between academia and policy in International Relations by facilitating a dialogue between scholars and practitioners in the discipline. Spread the word and let's bridge that gap!

Recent Episodes

EX 900 Reclaiming Public Spaces (Ft. Dr. Shilpa Phadke & Ananya Chhaochharia)October 18, 2020 Episode artwork EX 800 An Exclusive Interaction with Shekar Narasimhan, Chairman & Founder, AAPI Victory FundOctober 08, 2020 Episode artwork EX 700 Future of US-India Relations: Business, Politics and Diaspora (Ft. Arun Kumar, Sanjeev Joshipura and Rajesh Mehta)September 24, 2020 Episode artwork EX 600 Peace and Conflict Resolution (ft. Rhea Mahanta and Dr. Rityusha Tiwari)September 20, 2020 Episode artwork EX 503 Pakistan's Sub-Conventional Warfare and India's Options (ft. Pranay Kotasthane)September 13, 2020 Episode artwork EX 502 Afghanistan's Peace Process and India's Role (ft. Amar Sinha & Dr. Avinash Paliwal)September 06, 2020 Episode artwork EX 501 China-Pakistan Nexus and its Implications for India (ft. Dr. Ashok K. Behuria and Andrew Small)August 30, 2020 Episode artwork EX 403 Climate Change and Multilateralism (ft. Prof Navroz K Dubash & Dr. Dhanashree Jayaram)August 23, 2020 Episode artwork EX 402 Water Management and Diplomacy (ft. Ms. Ambika Vishwanath and Dr. Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman)August 16, 2020 Episode artwork EX 401 Regionalism and Sub-Regionalism in South Asia (ft. Ms. Ambika Vishwanath and Ms. Riya Sinha)August 09, 2020 Episode artwork EX 303 Artificial Intelligence:A Political Economy Perspective (ft. Dr. Anupam Guha)August 02, 2020 Episode artwork EX 302 Public Policy and Governance Perspective on Artificial Intelligence(AI) (ft.Dr.Vidya Subramanian and Ms.Vidushi Marda)July 26, 2020 Episode artwork EX 301 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Primer: Implications for National Security (feat. Dr Jaganath Sankaran & Maj Gen P K Chakraborty)July 19, 2020 Episode artwork EX 203 Behavioural Sciences in Action: Negotiators' Perspectives (ft. Amb (Dr) Mohan Kumar)July 12, 2020 Episode artwork EX 202 Behavioural Economics in Action: Mental Health Policies (ft. Dr Daniel Walsh)July 05, 2020 Episode artwork EX 201 Behavioural Economics in Action: Public Policy and International Perspective (feat. Prof Shagata Mukherjee and Tulsipriya Rajkumari)June 28, 2020 Episode artwork GS 05 International Relations Scholarship in India vis-a-vis The Great Debates of IR (feat. Prof Sumit Ganguly)June 21, 2020 Episode artwork GS 04 The Future of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation (ft. Dr Manpreet Sethi)June 14, 2020 Episode artwork GS 03 The Human Dimension in International Relations (ft. Dhruva Jaishankar)June 07, 2020 Episode artwork GS 02 Great Power Rivalry and Its Implications for India (ft. Prof C Raja Mohan)May 31, 2020 Episode artwork EX 103 India's Experience in Multilateral Diplomacy: A Practitioner's Perspective (ft. Amb Kishan Rana and Amb Asoke Mukerji)May 24, 2020 Episode artwork EX 102 The Indo-Pacific Vision of USA, China and India (ft. Amb Kishan Rana and Amb Rajiv Bhatia)May 17, 2020 Episode artwork EX101 Diplomatic Systems in the USA, China & India (ft. Amb Kishan Rana and Amb Vijay Nambiar)May 10, 2020 Episode artwork Preview - The Bridge Project ExclusivesMay 09, 2020 Episode artwork GS 01 International Order & Globalization in post-COVID world (ft. Prof Harsh V Pant)May 07, 2020 Episode artwork